What services does Threemed International render to foreign students?

Threemed International gives international students all information about Russian Higher Educational System, and offers consulting support right after their first contact with reference to the higher education in Russia till the end of the educational period of 6-7 years. Besides that, Threemed Internationaloffers the foreign students, who wish to study at the Higher Educational Establishments of Russia, the following services:

  • Information about different Higher Educational Establishments of Russia.
  • Processing the students documents with the chosen University for the chosen specialty.
  • Processing the admission letter and the visa support letter from the University.
  • Assistance in issuance of health and life insurance.
  • Meeting students on their arrival at the International airport and accompanying them to the University and the hostel.
  • Assistance in their hostel accommodation.
  • Assistance with the registration, and documentation at the University.
  • Assistance in opening the bank account and in sending facsimile and electronic messages.
  • Consultation and help in all the regards during the education with the University, teachers and fellow students.
  • Transferring the students from one University to another and processing all related documentation.
  • Communication with parents and informing them about the academic records and behavior of their children throughout the whole period of study.
  • Assistance and guidance students during the whole period of study.
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