Minsk State Linguistic University (until 1993 Minsk State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages) as an independent higher education institution began its activities on September 1, 1948. It included the faculties of English, German and French. The institute was established on the basis of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​of the Gorky Minsk Pedagogical Institute. Since its establishment, it has been the only higher education institution in the country to train foreign language teachers for secondary schools, foreign language teachers for higher and secondary special educational institutions, and translators.


The first director of the institute was Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor MF Zhauryd. Until the mid-1990s, Minsk was headed by rectors FP Shmyhau, NG Krasnova, and VV Makarov. Natalia Petrovna Baranova has been the rector of MDLU since 1995. In 2020, Natalia Laptseva became the rector of the Moscow State Linguistic University.


In the 1948/49 academic year, the institute had 364 full-time students, of whom 204 were students in English, 86 in German, and 74 in French. In 1949, a correspondence department was opened at the institute. Until 1956, teacher training was conducted in one specialty. On September 1, 1956, a five-year training was introduced to train specialists in foreign and Russian or Belarusian languages, and in 1964, two foreign languages.


At the time of its establishment, the institute was located in the school building № 13 on the street. Pushkin, 35. The buildings of city educational institutions were transferred to the dormitories for students of the institute. The first educational building (main building B) was put into operation in 1958, the second (today building A) – in 1964, the third (building B) – in 1966, building G with sports and assembly halls – 1971. The first student dormitory with 400 seats was opened in 1957 (now building D).


Since 1960, the institute has organized 2-year foreign language courses for professionals who went to work in foreign countries (in 1994, transformed into a special faculty of managers and specialists).


In 1962, a Spanish language department was opened, on the basis of which a Spanish language faculty was later established. In 1964, translation departments were established at the English, German and French faculties, which were merged into the translation faculty in 1969. Since 1979, the Faculty of Russian has been teaching foreign citizens from around the world. In September 1994, the Faculty of Western European Languages ​​was opened in three departments – English, German and French – and the Faculty of Intercultural Communications in 2001. Since 2006, the structure of the university includes the College of Linguistics and Humanities.


MDLU teaches in more than 20 foreign languages, including Arabic, Italian, Chinese, Dutch, Polish, Turkish, Swedish, Japanese and others. languages. At present, the educational process is provided by the teaching staff of 22 faculty and 18 university departments, numerous classrooms and centers of languages ​​and cultures.


The training of highly qualified scientific personnel at the Moscow State Linguistic University began in 1962 through postgraduate studies and doctoral studies in 1992. Since 1997, the training of masters has been started.


Today MDLU is a leading educational institution for training highly qualified translators, teachers of two foreign languages, specialists in intercultural communication.


site: https://www.mslu.by/en/


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