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Panoramic view of Lake Venice in Italy

Italy is a country of high culture and skillful craftsman. Architecture and fashion, art and painting, music and creativity -Italians have filled almost all cultural spheres.

And if you remember how the cuisine of this country, wines and desserts are revered, it becomes clear that talent manifests itself in absolutely everything. That is why talented people flock here from almost all corners of the globe in order to get a good education in Italy and professional skills. However, the local authorities are happy about this – foreign students are honored here.

It should also be noted that the level of Italian education in 2021 is no lower than any other European one. You can also study for free in many Italian universities (or the cost of training can be purely symbolic for Europe – 500-800 euros per semester).

Where to study

Universities in Italy are divided into public and private. The state is more budgetary; the cost of training fluctuates around eight hundred euros per year. Also, students from low-income families can apply for a scholarship.

Private educational institutions cost significantly more – starting from 12,000 euros for one year. The cost of textbooks is quite high – about 22-75 euros. The main literature on each discipline is unlikely to be taken from the library, but at the same time, you can order a photocopy of the textbook. The University of Bologna is rightfully considered the best educational institution in Italy and the oldest university in Europe.

The fact is that the university in Bologna has been open since 1088. Bologna is a student city. However, there are good universities in Italy in almost all major cities – Rome and Pisa, Milan and Florence, Naples and Genoa, Turin and Trento. The educational institutions of Siena and Perugia can boast of teaching a colossal number of foreigners the Italian language. By the way, many students come here precisely to improve their language – there are short-term courses.

What to learn

On the one hand, Italy is the birthplace of creativity. On the other hand, here you can get a completely worthy profession outside the creative sphere. Italians prefer the following areas:

– the economic industry;

– jurisprudence;

– international relations and diplomacy;

– medicine.

The choice of foreigners (including Russians) is more sublime.


The admission procedure in almost all educational institutions for foreigners will be similar. Exams take place at the beginning of September. First of all, the knowledge of the Italian language is checked. In the event that there is not even a minimal knowledge of the Italian language, the training will begin with language courses, and only then it will be possible to pass the entrance exams. What level of Italian is required for admission? To put it quite simply, the student and the examiner must understand each other. No one expects any incredible knowledge of the language from the applicant, but it is necessary to have a baggage of knowledge that will help the student understand what is being discussed at the lectures.

By the way, if the language minimum is sufficient, but still weak, the student will be offered to attend language courses – free of charge, every university that accepts foreigners into the ranks of its students takes care of the preparation.

Some faculties require the passing of entrance examinations in specialized disciplines. These are industries such as:

– dentistry, medicine and pharmaceuticals;

– architecture, painting and fine arts;

– engineering specialties;

– architectural faculties.

After the entrance exams have been passed, each student receives a certificate that he is admitted to the institute. Then you need to apply for a student visa to Italy to be able to legally stay and study in this country.


You are guaranteed to be admitted to the Universities of Teramo and Bologna if you strictly follow our admission program.

More than 20 students

Over the past 2 years, more than 20 applicants have successfully entered the Universities of Teramo and Bologna and received a regional scholarship with our help.

Only personal experience

All information provided is constantly updated based on the experience of our applicants and students.

Savings up to € 5.000 per year

Our students not only study on a budgetary basis, but also receive a scholarship.

Personal curator

The curator is always in touch with you and helps you solve issues related to training and not only.

Lofty goals

We offer not just study in Italy, we offer a new way of life – Dolce Vita.


8 reasons to choose Italy for study and life

* European country

* developed economy

* high social responsibility

* history and culture

* nature

* opportunity for everyone to realize their potential

* affordable and high-quality education

* similar mentality

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