Our services for doctors of foreigners graduates of universities of the Republic of Belarus and Russia:


  • Your starting conditions:

  • You are a specialist doctor or a junior resident and are looking for employment in one of the German medical institutions.
  • You speak German at the B2 level or are ready to learn German intensively at the proper level on the basis of our partners’ universities.
  • You are under 35.


Our offer:

We will support You at all stages:

  • We will find suitable vacancies for You and provide You with full information on them.
  • You will receive professional assistance in preparing a convincing resume for hiring.
  • We will take over the negotiations with the German authorities and we will submit an application for a work permit for you, we will make inquiries to provide You with the necessary documents in Your country of residence and we will assist in submitting documents in obtaining a national visa.
  • We will take over negotiations with associations of doctors and authorities of the respective federal states to apply for an appropriate permission, if necessary.
  • Preparation of a package of documents for submission to specific clinics/ firms, preparation of motivation letters and biography. Writing in German, taking into account all the requirements of the employer, application for a job.
  • We assist in organizing Your arrival, in search of housing and in further communication with local authorities. Preparation of all necessary documents for the conclusion of medical insurance and a civil liability policy.
  • Prepare a package of documents for relevant candidates for testing in Germany.
  • Preparation for an interview with an employer.
  • During the full 1 month after employment, we provide assistance in adaptation, we advise on various issues in Germany.


Your benefits from working with us:

  • Attractive payment awaits You.
  • You will receive an employment contract for 1 year.
  • You will receive full information about the employment options You are interested in.
  • At any stage of our intermediary services You will receive personalized service and advice in full.


The procedure:

  •  discussion of Your possibilities and compiling a list of necessary documents.
  •  signing a contract.
  •  the provision of a full package of documents from Your side. Originals of documents are sent by registered mail.
  •  all necessary documents must be translated into German (translation of documents is not included in the price of the contract).
  •  we create suitable CVs and the required amount letters with a request for employment for You according to the agreed number of folders with documents specified in the contract.
  • we provide assistance in filling out a visa application form, we help to find a room or an apartment to live, we provide assistance in civil registration at the place of residence and in the department for foreigners in Germany.
  •  after the start of Your employment at Your request we will prepare a full package of applications for approbation in Germany.




1.Where do medical doctors work in Germany?

In Germany medical doctors work in medical practices and clinics (as well private practices and clinics as state-run practices and clinics), in health centers and rehabilitation centers, in hospices, in service businesses for the elderly and in nursing care, in medical research (pharmaceutical companies, scientific research) and teaching (private or state institutions like universities), in the pharmaceutical industry (research, sales), for health insurance companies and medical associations. A growing field with a high demand of medical doctors is at health authorities, e.g. local state health authorities, the German forces etc.).


2.How many foreigners work as medical doctors in Germany?

In 2019 there were about 400,000 physicians working in Germany. About half of all physicians in Germany are employed in the hospital sector (207,000 in 2019). The number of physicians in private practice was about 116,000 in 2019.

The number foreign physicians was about 60,000 in 2019, so about 15 percent. In many hospitals in Germany you will find multi-national teams with employers being very open to new foreign applicants. Currently most of the foreign physicians in Germany come from Romania, Russia, Syria, Greece, Austria, Italy, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, Egypt and Iran.


3.Who has good chances to work as a physician in Germany as a foreigner?

Based on the high demand of medical doctors in Germany foreign medical doctors from any country, any age and any specialization have currently very high chances to start working in Germany – with the option to live permanently in Germany even with the family from abroad.


4.Which are the requirements to work as a physician in Germany being a foreigner?

There are two fields of requirements:

1) Knowledge of German

2) Have a medical education and work experience in the specialty.


5.Which level of German do I need to work as a medical doctor in Germany?

Foreigners need to have at least a B2 command of German. In some situations there might be even the requirement of C1, but with B2 you already have a good basis. Of course it is not only sufficient to have a general B2 with being able to speak about general aspects of live but you must be able to communicate adequate in your profession (‘medical German’). Read about your way to reach this and alternatives if you do not have B2 below.

Threemed International creates special conditions for specialists, entering a job with a B1 level of proficiency, while working in Germany, can continue to learn the language from B2 to C1.


6.How does the recognition of my foreign degree in Germany work?

If you are a non-German and want to work as a doctor or specialized doctor in Germany, you need to obtain a German state license. This license to practice medicine in Germany is called ‘Approbation’. The Approbation is an unrestricted professional license for you in Germany. You will need such a license if you want to work as a doctor in a clinic in Germany or if you want to set up your own practice.


7.Which benefits do I have to work in Germany as a foreign physician?

Salaries for physicians in Germany start from 5,000 Euros per month – depending on the field and type of specialization and form of employment. Foreign doctors can get a work and residence permit in Germany with the perspective of becoming a German citizen. A legal relocation of the closest family to Germany is possible even for non-EU citizens in case of successful start as physician.


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