Minsk Innovation University

Minsk Innovation University

Minsk Innovation University

Minsk Innovation University was established in the times of restructuring, when the country needed highly qualified experts able to influence positively on economic, scientific and social development of the Republic of Belarus. In order to train such highly qualified experts the University uses the scientific potential of its faculties as well as material resources and educational base to the maximum. This sets certain objectives for the enhancement of the educational process and its correlation with the scientific and research activities. The participation of the faculty and students in the development of scientific projects for organizations, as well as their technical and feasibility studies and support during their implementation is expanding.


The University holds regular International scientific conferences for both faculty and students followed by the publication of conference materials. New majors and specializations are introduced to meet the requirements of the labor market of the Republic of Belarus. While they are introduced, new academic plans, which take modern demands to graduates into consideration, are being developed. Academic systems for the studied disciplines including lecture materials, guidelines for extramural student and practical lab work and term papers, as well as seminar topics, problem compilations and so on are being developed. Today modern software is widely used in preparing and training skilled specialists.


Irrespective of the chosen major, particular attention is paid to the gaining of knowledge in the fields of information technologies and modern foreign languages. To reach this aim the University labs are equipped with over 200 up-to-date personal computers. These labs enable students to access Internet, watch satellite television in foreign languages, work on their pronunciation with the help of computers and perform calculations needed for their term papers and degree work. Foreign languages are taught in specially designed language labs with audio and video equipment and satellite television.


The availability of our own publishing base allows the University to publish educational and other literature and speeds up the issuing process, which influences educational process. There are over 7000 full time and extramural students studying at Minsk Innovation University and more than 175 qualified lecturers, including 12 grand PhD of science, professors and 62 PhD of science, associate professors and others teach them. Development prospects of the University, educational technology, scientific research and the current state of educational process are determined by the Council of the University. The rector of Minsk Innovation University Nikolay V. Susha is the chairman of this council.


The University focuses its attention on the problems of system organization as well as managing the educational process, optimizing educational plans and programs for University majors, creating quality modular courses, developing forms, methods and criteria for controlling students’ knowledge and teachers’ training. In order to introduce innovative teaching technologies in educational process the University is developing an integrated informational system of managing a higher educational institution. It is also introducing modern technologies of testing, providing students with methodic materials on electronic mediums, supplying extramural students with systematic materials and so on. In order to promote the future scientific and educational activity, the University offers training for post-graduate students on the two following majors: “Economics and national economy management” and “Civil law; business law; family law; international private law”. It also trains students for Masters Degrees on the 14 following majors: “Germanic languages”, “Psychology”, “Jurisprudence”, “World economics”, “Finances, money circulation and credit”, “Economics and national economy management”, “Business accounting, statistics”, “Management in social and economic systems”, System analysis, management and information processing”, “Environmental design”, “Finance and credit”, “Accounting, analysis and auditing”, “Economics and management at enterprises”, “Marketing”. The University is also offering a doctorate course in “Economics and national economy management” since 2004.


The University places special emphasis on scientific and educational cooperation with both national and international higher educational institutions. Minsk Innovation University has cooperation agreements with many foreign higher educational institutions .


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